AVATA express Oracle

What is AVATA Express?

For 15 years, AVATA has been focused on driving innovation with Oracle’s Supply Chain Planning (SCP) tools across all industries. We’ve taken the combined experiences and best practices of literally hundreds of SCP implementations and created AVATA Express solutions.

AVATA Express is our accelerated solution program that is industry and/or solution specific. An Express solution includes process templates, training material with pre-built UPK content, and pre-configured Oracle Supply Chain Applications.

Express Solution Benefits:

  • Reduced implementation time and cost
  • Reduced Risk
  • Accelerate ROI
  • Pre-built yet flexible to support maturing processes
  • Supports key verticals
  • Integrates with Oracle Applications

Integrated Business Planning – IBP Express

Business today runs at the speed of information. Companies are challenged with lack of visibility into their markets and the supply chain requirements to support those future needs. Today’s executives scramble to adjust to rapidly changing conditions, but they can’t analyze their options accurately enough or fast enough to see critical trends and anticipate future demand. Many firms have applied Sales & Operations Planning to help balance supply with demand to react to changes in the marketplace. Although S&OP initiatives have improved the collaboration and visibility in their supply chains, the quest for executives that want to operate from one-set of numbers, “one truth” requires further integration of additional planning disciplines.

Integration of information and in-depth understanding of the process are the two dominate barriers that prevent most companies from advancing their S&OP/IBP process from the early stages of adoption to the mature business process that allows for proactive critical decision making. AVATA addresses this with our IBP Express solution.

The Benefits of  the IBP Express Solution

Through the AVATA IBP Express, companies can rapidly deploy the executive process and have it standing-up in less than 90 days. We do this through a combination of business process support and developed technology. AVATA provides educational sessions, process design workshops and mentoring through recognized industry best practices and supply chain expertise. AVATA’s technology is a hosted solution built on OBIEE extensions within APCC. A solution developed by AVATA and endorsed by Oracle.

As a hosted solution on our AVATA Business Cloud (ABC), IBP Express is a cost efficient solution for both enterprise and mid-size companies alike. The IBP Express solution is flexible and can be integrated with any level of advance planning software. Companies can start their IBP process first or tie it into other advance planning initiatives.

AVATA’s IBP Express is designed to bridge the gaps in corporate planning systems. IBP Express integrates the financial planning with operations planning. This means that revenue goals and budgets are validated against a bottom-up operating plan. In turn, the operating plan is reconciled against financial goals and planners making detailed changes to the plan can immediately see the big picture impact of the changes. Significant differences between the current plan and goals can be escalated to the executive committee for resolution.

IBP Express enables enterprise planning by aligning both process and technology providing benefits including;

  • Best Business Practice
  • Process Discipline
  • Standard Dashboards for each Step of the Process
  • Fast Implementation
  • Low Cost of Ownership
  • Standard Technology
  • Proven Results


Utilizing IBP Express means the whole company is operating to one, current and accurate plan or “one truth.” In these tough economic times, the plan may not always indicate that all goals will be met, but company executives will have the critical information they need to chart the best course of action in a turbulent marketplace.

Download IBP Express Datasheet

Trade Promotion Management – TPM Express

TPM Express is a pre-configured solution based on Oracle’s Demantra Trade Promotion Management offering.  The solution has been molded by leading best practice industry process flows, collated from AVATA’s implementation experience across a range of industry verticals requiring Trade Spend solutions.

The Challenges of Trade Promotion Management

AVATA understands the challenges and complexities facing Consumer Goods companies today.  There is a heavy reliance on manual Excel based processes for trade planning.  Companies face out of stocks due to poor collaboration across the Supply Chain.  Challenges arise in understanding true return on investment for trades spend activities.  The inability to leverage syndicated and POS data to fully incorporate consumption based results and poor quality information regarding retailer results and profitability.

The TPM Express Solution

TPM Express offers template based worksheets to support key process flows, for a complete closed-loop Trade Promotion Management solution enabling companies to quickly step into a best practice end-to-end operation.  TPM Express offers quick integration for Master Data, Promotion History, Shipments, POS and Syndicated data – from any ERP.  The solution provides pre-configured metrics commonly used within the CPG industry today with the ability to quickly enhance calculations specific to any company.  Delivery of TPM Express is supported by our Design Shop based accelerated approach which assures alignment with any additional client requirements.

The Benefits of the TPM Express Solution:

  • Quick time to value via TPM Express solution
  • Industry best practice process and solution flows to help guide your business
  • Closed-loop Trade Promotion Planning and Management Solution for Retail and Foodservice
  • Corporate visibility to trade spend – both planned and actual
  • Visibility to ROI and Profitability analysis during account planning and post-promotion
  • Accurate base and lift volume forecasting
  • Information to collaborate with retailers effectively to drive results in store


Download TPM Express Datasheet

Industry Specific Express Solutions

AVATA Express also caters to specific industry verticals.

AVATA Express tools exist for High-Tech, Oil & Gas, Industrial Manufacturing, Life Sciences, and CPG industries.

AVATA Express solutions include predefined data sets and feature sets pre-configured to peer industry best practices. While templates for rapid software deployment exist across service providers, AVATA Express solutions have one key differentiator:  they are pre-configured, but designed with flexibility to support planning nuances critical to your unique competitive processes.  “Pre-built yet adaptable” is a critical feature as your organization matures and the requirements of the solution mature with you over time.