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Perhaps you’re just beginning a journey of supply chain performance improvement, or maybe you have already implemented a new process or technology.  No matter what stage you are in, or steps you have taken, you may have found that business has changed and your supply chain hasn’t adapted to meet today’s business challenges.

Understanding your supply chain needs and knowing which problems to address first is the most critical step to improving your supply chain performance. Often there are competing objectives to lower costs, cut inventories, improve customer service and better utilize existing people and resources. While the solutions can range from simple process changes to more complex software implementations or better utilization of your existing software, our assessments will identify which opportunities have the largest and quickest payback.

Strategic Assessments

Our depth and focus in supply chain management allows us to help companies create a single, shared vision from “strategy through execution”.   Our experience and holistic approach enables us to examine your organization’s end to end supply chain maturity including processes, roles and responsibilities, metrics and use of systems, and come up with a prioritized roadmap that is aligned with your strategic vision.

Key Deliverables:

  • An analysis of the supply chain in its current state relative to industry best practices
  • Supply Chain Financial Assessment & Benchmarking
  • Awareness session with the leadership team relative to supply chain vision, values, performances, and key metrics
  • Prioritization of actions for improving identified supply chain gaps
  • Roadmap to expected financial improvements through supply chain performance gains
  • Stronger understanding of supply chain integration & optimization for your organization
  • How successful companies sustain best practices and performance

AVATA Health Check

AVATA health check logo box-01AVATA’s Health Check program performs an in-depth diagnostic that quickly evaluates your current supply chain landscape, pain-points, and objectives, to help you identify key opportunities and “quick wins” to improve your end to end supply chain cost & effectiveness.

The AVATA Health Check is a multi-faceted process that helps organizations identify opportunities and provides recommendations on ways to best achieve your supply chain goals and objectives.


The AVATA Health Check focuses on three critical areas:

  • Systems:  Effectiveness of your integrated applications and data that are used for planning and managing your supply chain
  • Process:  Understand the criticial elements of your processes inputs/outputs, how the processes are defined, linked and the related metrics.   How are responsibilities mapped out along the process
  • Financial: A peer to peer or industry comparison of your supply chain financial performance


Health Checks are tailored to your needs and areas of concerns. We can perform an extensive assessment covering all aspects of the Supply Chain (including key suppliers), or a more targeted project aimed at a specific function or department. AVATA’s senior experts conduct the supply chain Health Check through an array of tools including online assessments, interviews and workshops. The final outcome is an executive session reviewing the detailed findings and recommendations for improvement.

We work with your team to understand strategic and competitive business priorities. The current state is compared to industry best practices from a process, tool and financial perspective. Gaps are identified and actions for closing these gaps are prioritized.  A roadmap for moving forward with an improvement plan for your supply chain is recommended and reviewed.


Key Deliverables:

  • Strategic Inventory Analysis including segmentation, and Strategic Safety Stock Positioning and Postponement
  • Identifying the processes that have no added value
  • Identification of system gaps, data issues and recommended improvements
  • Business benefits for identified improvements such as potential inventory reduction, reduced cycle time, improved service level metrics and reduced operational costs
  • Identification of missing data, data anomalies and general IT related challenges
  • Establish key performance indicators (KPI’s) to help drive best-in-class behaviors & results

Key Benefits of the AVATA Health Check

The immediate benefit from an AVATA Health Check is the knowledge and understanding about the performance of your supply chain. Whether the health check is targeted at a specific function (e.g. demand forecasting) or covers a larger supply chain scope, the outcome is interpreted with urgency to create “speed to value” and prioritize the actions required for improvement.

The AVATA Health Check will provide the financial baseline which all performance will be measured. In addition, poor performance trends can be identified before becoming detriments on the balance sheet and disruptions to future growth opportunities.

Other Health Check benefits include:

  • Opportunities for cost reduction
  • Improved customer service levels
  • Identification of key performance metrics & factors for success
  • Create a roadmap for performance improvement
  • Prioritize actions that generate the biggest financial returns
  • Supply Chain Best Practices
  • Create the business case for change

Given the supply chain is the backbone of many businesses, there’s never a bad time to do a quick, yet thorough health check.  No matter what maturity state you’re in, it always makes sense to place a magnifying glass on your business and generate a truthful perspective of how well you are performing in comparison to your peers and industry.

“Today knowledge has power. It controls access to opportunity and advancement.”
~ Peter Drucker, Author