22 Aug

Journey from VCP to Oracle SCM Cloud

January 23, 2018 @ 11:00 am – 12:00 pm
Christina Bergman

Join us January 23rd at 11:00 am EDT
Webinar 3 of 6:  Journey from VCP to Oracle SCM Cloud

To upgrade, or not to upgrade, that is the question:  whether you are thinking of a near-term move from Oracle Value Chain Planning (VCP) suite or you will be staying with VCP for many more years, this webinar will provide valuable nuggets of wisdom to help you map your journey to the cloud.  AVATA’s Ed Hajek and Sridhar Varakala will discuss roadmap strategies and best practices to consider when planning your journey to the Oracle SCM Cloud.

  • Learn how the latest release of Oracle Cloud Supply Chain Management (SCM) maps to VCP applications and the similarities and contrasts between these Oracle tool sets.
  • Gain understanding around the strengths and weaknesses of each tool set and what that means for your business.
  • Learn how an upgrade of your VCP software can help prepare you for migration to the cloud.
  • You will leave this discussion with greater insight to help determine your optimal journey to cloud supply chain tools and answer the question: to upgrade, or not to upgrade.

Jim Heatherington, VP Sales, AVATA
Ed Hajek, Cloud Solutions Architect, AVATA
Sridhar Varakala, Sr. Project Manager, AVATA



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