AVATA DataControl CenterWhat is AVATA Data ControlCenter?

Quality Data – Pure and Simple. Master Data is the critical business information supporting the transactional and analytical operations of supply chain solutions. AVATA’s Data ControlCenter helps consolidate, clean, and manage the master data required for supply chain solutions.

Data ControlCenter is designed to help input, organize, manage and report on the required data to support Supply Chain Planning Solutions – particularly for data elements not present or structured properly in the source ERP system.


The Data Quality Challenge

Every company has its own footprint with its own planning requirements. As we are living in a continuously changing market, you want your planning to be agile and accurate. When opening new markets, closing down plants, optimizing distribution centers, you want to run those simulations today rather than tomorrow. Reading and sorting through simulation results with thousands of items and different scenario’s can be an arduous task without the aid of good analytics. A fragmented environment of inconsistent data creates significant supply chain inefficiencies that hinder business processes, reporting accuracy, corrupt analytics and costs corporations millions of dollars a year.

The AVATA Data ControlCenter Solution

AVATA’s Data ControlCenter application (ADC) combines years of supply chain planning consulting experience with today’s advanced technology. ADC answers data quality problems that negatively impact business processes at its source. The result is the most reliable data which makes it possible to dig deeper into supply chain data in search of savings and efficiencies. ADC provides one single point of data making it easier and more effective to execute strategic scenarios and Supply Chain modeling. ADC does not replace or compete with Advanced Planning Command Center (APCC), it supplements and integrates with your Oracle applications on premise or in the Cloud.


AVATA Data ControlCenter allows you to dynamically setup your planning data for running simulations. You choose what you want to optimize or to constrain. ADC acts as a filter giving you only the information you require.

We can configure the access to be either public or private. Any which way, your data is in good hands.

Upload your data from legacy systems or upload them yourself from excel files, both are possible, you are master of your data, not the system.

Bring your data together in a supply chain planning model where you set optimization drivers and the constraints. Our business expertise will guide you through the process.

ADC offers unique scenario comparison functionality within the solution. You compare your scenario’s the way you want, while ADC manages the core data required to run the scenarios. This enables your business to configure KPI’s to quickly understand planning and scenario results far quicker than traditional methods.

Graphical management and intuitive reporting with drill down functionality to allow top down analysis.