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AVATA DirectConnect Integration Solutions

AVATA’s DirectConnect tools are prebuilt solutions developed to automate the integration of Oracle Supply Chain applications with major technology platforms.Save


CRM to Demantra DirectConnect

The Challenge: Companies with “Project-based” Demand are characterized by large, complex products and services that are configured and assembled for an end customer.  Examples include High Tech, Automotive and Industrial CTO Shops.   Such companies have great difficulty including this type of demand, captured in the CRM Funnel (Siebel, CRM On Demand, Salesforce),  in their regular Demand Planning process.  Funnel shifts have a great impact on operations – but most companies do not have visibility of the project demand until it is already won.Oracle Sales Funnel final-01

The AVATA CRM DirectConnect Solution:  The AVATA CRM Integration solution enables tighter communication between Sales and Operations.  It includes preconfigured templates to bring funnel data into Oracle Demantra DM.  The CRM DirectConnect solution offers visibility into large funnel changes and their impact on the business – while there is still time to react.  Integration of sales funnel data occurs without altering the source CRM data or requiring new processes from sales teams.

Download SFDC DirectConnect Datasheet




SNO Integration DirectConnect

The Challenge:  Strategic Supply Chain Network models requires data that companies often don’t have consolidated into a single system but rather spread-out between many excel spreadsheets and legacy systems.

The Solution:  The SNO Integration DirectConnect Solution consists of easy excel data templates that allow the data to be automatically integrated and the SNO model auto-generated.  Users no longer have to find and change data inside SNO or understand SNO data import formats, process or programs /internal scripting.  In addition, users will have the ability to change data inside spreadsheet and build new models or add to an existing models. SNO DirectConnect accelerates integration with better results in data readiness/quality as well as supports rapid simulation modeling.

SNO Interface


Production Scheduling DirectConnect

The Challenge:  Oracle Production Scheduling solutions can vary widely across the JDE customer base. Customers that do not have access to the SCP Integration Layer (PIP) have an added layer complexity caused by the need for a Point-2-Point Integration between JDE and PS.

The Solution:  The JDE to PS DirectConnect Solution introduces the AVATA Planning Hub which is used to support core transformations and PS xml model build processes.  It provides a graphical interface developed for defining PS-centric system configurations settings and accelerates JDE/PS integration in non-VCP/PIP environments with better results in data readiness / quality as well as supports rapid PS model building. The PS DirectConnect Solution leverages standard JDE UBE Supply Chain / VCP Data Extracts and common data and PS extensions (e.g. changeover data inclusion, routing consolidation, work order updates).

PS DirectConnect

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