Where Strategy Meets Execution

With a history of top level educations and “big 5” strategic consulting experience coupled with real world practical skills of running, managing, and transforming supply chains,  AVATA’s management consultants are truly the best in the industry and equipped to work with our clients at every level of engagement.

Whether it is executive education and coaching on the next generation “Data Chain,” Integrated Business Planning or aligning metrics to support strategic organizational objectives, we are the trusted supply chain firm that has the knowledge and experience to work side-by-side with our clients.  Our methodology and collaborative approach, along with our hands-on experience, guides our clients down the transformational path from “strategy to execution.”  We bring best in class whiteboard ideas down to day-to-day activities impacting the organization, people, cross functional company processes, metrics and technology.


AVATA’S Management Consulting Services

  • Supply Chain Assessment & Bench Marking (with a focus on your industry peers)
  • Strategic Supply Chain Network / Nodal analysis and optimization
    • Logistics & Logistics Network Optimization (LNO)
  • Merger & Acquisition Supply Chain Impact Analysis
  • Change Management
  • Sales & Operations Planning / Integrated Business Planning
  • Demand & Supply Planning
    • Master Scheduling
    • Capacity Planning
    • Production Scheduling
    • Purchasing
  • Supply Chain Strategy & Transformation
    • Process Pre-Engineering
    • Supply Chain Segmentation
    • Inventory Strategies, Strategic Stocking & Segmentation
    • Operational Metrics Assessment & Alignment (Supplier Quality, OTIF, Inventory Turns, DOS, DOP, Etc.)
    • Organizational Structuring and Alignment
    • Technology Roadmap
    • Cost Analysis & Strategic Sourcing
    • Quality
    • Risk Analysis
    • Inter / Intra Collaboration from customer to tier “n” Supplier (e.g .  CPFR)

While the fundamentals of Supply Chain cross all industries, each industry has its own fingerprint and set of challenges, regulations, life cycles, cost structure, service levels, etc.  AVATA has built a practice of supply chain subject matter experts specialized in each specific vertical.

AVATA shapes supply chain management principles to the specific characteristic of your industry vertical. Taking the proven ideas from one industry, we can synergistically apply them to another.