Committed to Achieving the Highest Level of Customer Satisfaction

With over 250 implementations, AVATA has the largest Supply Chain Management customer base in the industry. AVATA doesn’t just implement software, we implement solutions driven by people, process and metrics. We leverage our deep understanding of Oracle technology to drive supply chain and ERP solutions, process development, and organizational change through successful implementations.


AVATA is known for our relentless focus on the people and process from the onset of the design, and throughout the implementation.  This is coupled with ongoing communications, professional project management, as well as effective training and complete knowledge transfer for both the business and IT.

Our Approach & Methodology

A successful implementation starts with an understanding that technology alone will not provide a business solution. By approaching the engagement with a focus on the business needs, requirements, and constraints we are able to assist our clients in establishing proper processes enabled by properly deployed technology. With AVATA’s specialization in SCP, ERP and Cloud as well as our industry focus and process expertise, we tightly couple our design and implementation into a cohesive methodology allowing accelerated timelines without sacrificing quality and comprehensiveness.

AVATA’s Enterprise Methodology (AEM) is the culmination of over a decade of implementation experience. It is a framework that provides the flexibility required by the different circumstances and starting point of each client. Our goal is to provide a structure based on experience, tools, and accelerators to guide our clients through a successful transformation.

Our approach incorporates standard project management fundamentals to maintain control of scope, budget and timelines while providing the ability to address iterative cycle’s necessary to incorporate business and end-user feedback into the core deliverable.

Each phase of the project builds upon the previous results with feedback loops necessary to identify and address gaps without the extended design timeline typically associated with software implementations. We involve the business users throughout the project to validate that the end result meets with expectations and minimizes assumptions that could impact the overall solution and costs associated with the project.


We do not subscribe to the “build it and they will come” approach.  Rather if we understand where the business is going, and the obstacles, we can provide the right guidance to build it with the business.  AVATA’s proven methodology, accelerators, and tailored industry approach allows delivery of rapid solutions without compromising the adoption, ROI or quality.