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Stockouts and stockpiles hurting your bottom line?

Optimize your Inventory Replenishment Strategy with Oracle Cloud

Maintaining proper inventory levels is critical if you want to keep your customer satisfaction rates high. But it’s challenging when you’re using manual or outdated processes.

With the ability to be deployed in just weeks, Oracle’s Replenishment Planning feature does the heavy lifting and modeling to rebalance and optimize inventory so companies can invest in the right products and automatically adapt to new consumer patterns as they occur.

Join us for an inside look at this Replenishment Planning tool, a new component in Oracle’s Demand Management Cloud that allows you to optimize and create an inventory strategy that will build brand loyalty and free up working capital for an improved bottom line.

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What’s keeping your business from moving from on-premise to the Cloud? Time, integration, cost, and disruption? Don’t let these get in the way of experiencing Oracle’s Demand Management Cloud’s ability to sense, predict and shape demand. Now is the time to get real with the facts and understand the options for moving to Demand Management Cloud.

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