Supply Planning Cloud Release Updates

To help customers understand the impact on current business processes from Oracle Cloud Readiness Updates, AVATA summarizes the key features in advance of the release and helps make sense of the consequences before enabling them. To see complete list of Cloud Release features visit Oracle Cloud Readiness.

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New Features:

  • Manage end item substitution
  • Publish, delete, & release plans using rest services
  • Analyze end-pegged demand to supplies in a pivot table
  • Plan items with only transfer order demands
  • Analyze forecast consumption details
  • View collected measure data
  • Choose whether to proceed when you haven’t saved layout changes
  • Enforce integrity of forecasts in past time periods
  • Export to spreadsheets without merging cells containing level members
  • Release orders with configured attributes to oracle cloud supply chain management
  • Net project supply using attribute-based netting rules
  • Use constrained dependent demand to calculate supply quantity for fixed days of supply
  • Backlog management – allocation enhancements
  • Backlog management – collect ship-to party and party sites not associated with a customer account
  • Dual Units of Measure – support dual unit-of-measure