The Consumer Goods Industry

Consumer packaged goods (CPG) refers to a broad spectrum of manufacturers, distributors, sellers, and marketers of physical goods which are typically packaged in some way, shape or form. CPG starts at the developmental end of the supply chain and continues through production, marketing, and selling of products targeted for end user consumption. Typically, CPG is involved at the wholesale level, so CPG companies are manufacturing the products sold to and that sit on the shelves of retail stores.

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The Consumer Goods industry as a whole is in a constant state of change with it’s emerging markets and M&A activity in the competitive retailer landscape. Often CPG companies struggle to implement the processes and technology solutions required to adapt to such change successfully.  These companies need solutions to conquer the demands of expanding product portfolios, trade promotion efficiency, supply chain costs and complexity, and the necessity to build a direct relationship with consumers.

AVATA understands the challenges and complexities facing CPG companies today. AVATA has built a team of professionals with deep industry background and knowledge that can help you design superior business processes leveraging powerful software tools to achieve success and growth in this complex arena.

With a clear understanding of business effectiveness and by leveraging that knowledge in future planning, companies can incorporate sophisticated analytics that will drive spending effectiveness, superior cross-functional performance, and supply chain and business planning both internally and with their retail partners.

AVATA is a leader in the implementation of the following Oracle Consumer Goods SCP solutions:

  • Sell-in and Sell thru Demand Planning
  • Trade Promotion Management and Optimization
  • Deductions and Settlements Management
  • Inventory Planning and Optimization
  • Replenishment / Distribution Requirements Planning
  • Sales & Operations / Integrated Business Planning
  • What-If / Strategic Scenario Planning & Optimization
  • Supply Chain Planning
  • Global Supply Chain Optimizations
  • Supply Chain Benchmarking
  • Advanced Dashboard Reporting


AVATA provides supply chain and advanced planning solutions to the Consumers Goods industry with a focus on the following sub-segments:

  • Food and Non-Alcoholic Beverages
  • Wine, Beer and Spirits
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Consumer Durables
  • Fashion and Accessories

AVATA Express for Consumer Goods

AVATA’s TPM Express is a pre-configured solution based on Oracle’s Demantra Trade Promotion Management offering.


The solution, which can be integrated with SCM Cloud, has been molded by leading best practice industry process flows, collated from AVATA’s implementation experience across a range of industry verticals requiring Trade Spend solutions.

AVATA’s TPM Express was specifically designed to reduce the effort and complexity required to implement a best-practice TPM solution without sacrificing core end-to-end functional and process design.  Through all processes TPM Express leverages Oracle’s PTP & DSM software to provide a consistent portal for all users to work through, driving quicker adoption of the solution and quicker Return On Investment.

TPM Express encompasses the following process areas:

  • Promotion PlanningTrade Promotion Management
  • Trade Spend Management
  • Dual-Demand Volume Management
  • Advanced Statistical Analytics
  • Reporting Analytics
  • Alerts & Notifications