Ball Optimizes Supply Chain Processes with Oracle Planning Applications

October 2016 – Are you challenged with planning the production of billions of units of products at multiple plants, deciding which plants will make each product and when, how much inventory will be stored and where, and how to optimize the network to provide the best customer service at the lowest cost?

Ball Corporation was facing this exact challenge. Read the following case study to learn how Ball Corporation utilized Oracle’s supply chain planning applications along with AVATA’s expertise to optimize their supply chain processes, improve forecast accuracy, reduce inventory levels and increase customer satisfaction.


ball corporation case study

“AVATA has been a true partner with Ball throughout this journey, offering great advice and assistance in putting these powerful planning tools to effective use. I know it sounds cliché, but we truly couldn’t have accomplished what we did without AVATA’s help. There are several AVATA people working here with us every day – it’s sometimes hard to remember that they are not actually Ball employees, they are so much a part of our team.”
~ David Briles, Division Production Planning & Logistics Director – Ball Corporation