Srixon/Cleveland Golf Improves ROI and Customer Experience with Oracle Supply Planning and Order Management Cloud’s Global Order Promising Feature

September 2019 – Srixon/Cleveland Golf, a global manufacturer of golf clubs and balls, wanted to improve its order promising and provide more accurate delivery dates to its customers. With a vast assortment of custom configure-to-order products available for purchase, the company had previously struggled to consistently keep everything in stock and ensure that its teams always had up-to-date information when processing orders. The business team prioritized an implementation of Oracle Supply Planning Cloud and Order Management Cloud’s Global Order Promising feature to solve these problems, modernize its supply chain operations and respond to growing demand.

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“We chose AVATA and the Oracle planning solution because AVATA showed us how some of our long-time planning issues would be solved. AVATA’s eLync Integration expertise and attention to our business requirements is what made this project successful.”

Charles Chamberlain, Director IT