Moving from Excel to Demantra

April 2017 – TIGI’s journey from Excel to Demantra was more than a simple replacement of one toolset for another. The primary objectives for the demand management phase of the project was to take the skills and capabilities of their own Demand planners and couple that with state of the art system capabilities.

Demantra brought the ability to expand their forecasting process to include sophisticated statistical forecasting tools, and the ability to include external influences like promotions, new customers and channels, product line expansion and more to the demand planning function. TIGI has a name for this effort: “professionalizing the supply chain”.  Read the case study for full details.

“AVATA really helped us understand the system and how to use it. And they didn’t allow us to get lost in the details. They kept us focused on what we needed to do to make it work for us.”

~ Tamsin Collins and Tony Herbert, two of the project’s key players