Global Order Promising Datasheet

Oracle Global Order Promising helps you meet the most
demanding customer expectations

From consumers to corporate buying divisions, today’s buyers leverage all available channels to find the best price and availability. Oracle Order Management’s global order promising (GOP) feature can help meet the most demanding customer expectations by managing the availability of supply across your entire fulfillment network.

GOP gives organizations a competitive advantage by checking inventory and preparing distribution based on real-time supply from all possible sources, including manufacturing capability and supplier purchases. To respond competitively, you can’t just quote standard lead times. You need to compare the actual stock, production capacity, delivery options and costs of every potential source of supply. With GOP, companies can commit to the sale and promise fast, reliable delivery dates every time.

Download the datasheet to learn about the benefits and key features of Oracle Global Order Promising Cloud along with details on configuring and integration with legacy systems.

As a result of their Cloud migration, Srixon/Cleveland Golf not only achieved an 81% increase
in orders fulfilled by their original promise dates, but also improved backlog management, Perfect Order KPI, and reduction in nonvalue added work by the planning team.

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