Oracle Demand Management Cloud Streamlines Hitachi
Vantara Supply Chain Workflows, Improves Decision Making

December 2019Hitachi Vantara, the tech-forward, digital transformation-focused arm of the multinational conglomerate Hitachi Corporation, wanted to revamp its approach to demand planning and, in turn, improve its supply chain operations and exception handling. Specifically, it sought to move beyond Microsoft Excel-based forecasting and toward something more systematic and sophisticated, which  would ultimately be improving the accuracy and efficiency for its teams.

Making this leap required upgrading to a cloud-based solution. Hitachi Vantara opted for the Oracle Demand Management Cloud, turning to AVATA to guide the implementation.

There were some technical and operational adjustments to make along the way, and the combined efforts of the Hitachi Vantara and AVATA teams adeptly navigated these challenges. Crucially, the project finished on time and within budget, as AVATA’s team did exactly what they promised at the outset and delivered a working and beneficial Oracle DM Cloud implementation.

Download the Hitachi Vantara Case Study to learn more.

“Instead of needing to be Excel experts, our teams have become valued decision-makers, who can focus on specific projects, drive the majority of baseline forecasts, and spend more time analyzing data and engaging with other cross-functional departments.”
~ Ken Au, Director of Demand Planning for Hitachi Vantara