24 Feb

On Demand Webinar: S&OP Cloud – Automating the Process for Executives

February 26, 2019 @ 7:00 am – April 9, 2019 @ 9:00 pm

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ON-DEMAND… Watch at your convenience!

S&OP Cloud

Automating the Process for Executives

Take a look into the most robust S&OP Cloud solution yet!

This webinar, jointly produced by AVATA and Oracle, will lead you through a live demo of the newest S&OP Cloud offering and give valuable insight into AVATA’s approach to successful implementation with “Right Fit” results.

Successful companies of all sizes need strong integration between their financial, demand, sales, and supply chain processes in order to respond quickly to changing market conditions and intense competition. Yet most S&OP process’ fall short of this goal due to the integration of varying planning systems and legacy data hubs.

S&OP Cloud Express overcomes this challenge and is the only automated advanced planning system that can interface with legacy data through AVATA’s eLync solution.


Agenda will include:

  • S&OP Cloud Overview with Eric Domski, VP of Supply Chain, Oracle
  • Valuable Techniques to successfully implement, integrate and automate S&OP Cloud with AVATA’s eLync Platform
  • Deep Dive Live Demo



Eric Domski, VP of Supply Chain, Oracle
Ferguson Neale, Director of Integrated Business Planning and Principal, AVATA
Ed Hajek, Principal Supply Chain Consultant, AVATA


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