04 Jan

AVATA Presents: Demantra Replenishment Optimization Express Solution Webinar

May 31, 2017 @ 9:00 am – 10:00 am
Jim Heatherington

AVATA webinar

Demantra Replenishment Optimization Express Webinar


Join us May 31, 2017 at 11:00 am EST


Get more from the Demantra Application you already use and run your business more efficiently.

With AVATA’s decades of Demantra experience, we have created a unique replenishment solution leveraging Demantra’s out of box replenishment capabilities combined with our “best practices and advanced features”

Leveraging Demantra capabilities, this webinar provides information on: 

  • Performing inventory analysis and replenishment planning
  • Generating replenishment orders and optimization options
  • Automated inventory stocking based on business rules
  • Stock re-balancing between locations / warehouses
  • Unit of measure based on business rules

Demantra Replenishment Optimization answers these key questions:

  •  What is the financial impact due to changes in Safety Stock strategy?
  •  How does the economic order quantity, impact inventory turns or inventory investment?

Solution components include: 

  • Inventory On-hand / Stocking Locations
  • On Order / Open Orders
  • In-Transit / Safety Stock Calculations
  • Consider basic Order Modifiers, constraints & Lead-times
  • Suggested Build Plan, Buy Plan, Stocking Plan, Transfer Plan


AVATA has pre-built accelerators specifically addressing challenges in the Hospital & Pharmaceutical industries.

Join us as we explore how this accelerated and pre-configured solution can revolutionize your supply chain replenishment and inventory positioning resulting in better service levels at lower costs.



Anh Nguyen , Consulting Manager & Solution Architect , AVATA

Duane Hardacre, Managing Partner, AVATA





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