The High-Tech Industry

There is no other industry that has impacted our global economy with as much speed and innovation as the high-tech industry has in modern times. The high-tech industry is in a continuous flux as new products and category innovations define and redefine the sector’s constantly shifting landscape.

High-tech companies are reexamining the structure of their businesses to become more demand driven in response to customers with evolving buying habits and requirements. Best-in-class companies that have greater insight and transparency both upstream and downstream in the supply chain are better able to anticipate issues before they become major problems, managing proactively rather than reactively.

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High-tech companies operate in a complex supply chain environment. In an industry defined by dynamic and ever changing products and services, the supply chain must overcome complicated inventory solutions and narrow margins in order to keep up. This puts constant pressure on market share and financial performance.  In addition to these challenges, the industry also faces:


  • Rapid product life cycles and market windows
  • Changing globalization of consumers and suppliers coupled with pricing pressures
  • Diversifying of product, service offerings and rapid inventory depreciation
  • Increased regulations, conflict minerals compliance and reporting


Perhaps no other industry comprehends the impact of rapid changes and trends including; demand for visibility, technology empowered customers, enterprise wide cost reduction, and the “internet of things.” The high-tech industry needs supply change solutions that reach across their global operations and multiple organizational silos.

AVATA provides services and solutions to the high-tech industry as it continues to evolve and increase the need for building resilience in supply chain services and advance planning techniques. We help our clients in this industry overcome challenges and respond to trends with improved economic performance through the following services:

Demand Planning

Our solutions offer a single, shared view of Demand that drives decisions in the near term and are synchronized with the longer term strategic goals of the company.  We help companies strengthen their overall forecast and create a forecast that meets the needs of operations, finance, and the sales teams.

Supply Planning & Inventory Management

Each organization has unique challenges it is managing based on the makeup of its supply chain – location and use of manufacturing assets, use of contract manufacturers, capacity limitations, and commitments to clients.  AVATA clients leverage their data and Oracle solutions to provide answers to these questions in a repeatable, straightforward solution that replaces the myriad of spreadsheets that no longer support the team.

Sales & Operations / Integrated Business Planning

Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) is more than a process – it is a culture change.  AVATA’s S&OP practice helps our clients address S&OP in a way that drives true strategic value and engages the company’s executive team as well as key S&OP process constituents.

Supply Chain Assessments & Industry Benchmarking

Leveraging AVATA’s decades of supply chain experience, tools and methodology, we can quickly understand your supply chain pain-points, and quantify how well your supply chain is performing across several key financial metrics as compared to industry peers.  This will help develop the business case including financial justification to set forth a strategic and/or tactic supply chain roadmap.


AVATA’s “End-to-End” supply chain planning solutions improve the global high-tech industry by providing visibility of the entire supply chain to support rapid changes in demand and responsiveness to supply disruptions, driven improved financial performance.

AVATA Express for High Tech & Semiconductor

AVATA Express offers an accelerated solution set specifically for high-tech & semiconductor Demand Forecasting/Demand Planning and S&OP/IBP which includes:


  • Prebuilt Demantra Demand Forecasting / Demand Planning solution based on industry best practice process flows, and metrics
  • Prebuilt Demantra & APCC S&OP / IBP solution based on industry best practice process flows and metrics
  • Prebuilt implementation methodology
  • Prebuilt training content


With our AVATA Express, we can get you up and running on a solution quickly reducing the cost of investment and time to realize value.

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