eLync Enterprise Integration Platform

Organizations today struggle to integrate their legacy systems and on-premise tools that operate in a loosely coupled IT infrastructure. Establishing a robust integration, real-time analysis and monitoring is cumbersome for most solutions. Often, integration becomes the biggest challenge during the implementation of any SaaS application due to complexity, cost and long timelines.

AVATA’s eLync offers a solid platform to help you easily connect to the Cloud. Built on Oracle technology, eLync provides user-friendly, pre-configured cloud adapters that integrate Oracle Cloud to legacy ERP applications including JDE, EBS, SAP and more.  These pre-built tools reduce the cost and complexity of the integration process which increases time to value and lowers risk.

AVATA’s Master Data Management (MDM) Wizard is a comprehensive toolset that consolidates, cleanses and augments corporate master data, and/or transactional data and synchronizes it with disparate business applications, business processes and analytical tools.  Data from legacy/flat files, Excel or Oracle JDE/EBS are pulled into our web based eLync platform where it goes through a validation process and can be used to run simulations and then published to the cloud.

Click on the demo video above to learn more watch a brief demonstration.

AVATA’s Cloud Transition Tool (ACT) is a pre-configured tool that offers a quick, easy and cost-effective way to migrate existing data from VCP Demantra to Oracle Demand Management Cloud. ACT employs AVATA’s standard proven Methodology for this rapid migration.

AVATA Cloud Transition Tool

AVATA’s eLync Cloud Adapters integrate legacy ERP applications, such as JDE, EBS and SAP to Oracle Cloud applications. Our modern technology ensures simplified, reliable and secure connectivity which reduces the time, cost and the complexity of integration projects.

S&OP Express Cloud Integration
eLync is the only automated integration platform currently available to interface Oracle’s S&OP Cloud with legacy planning data systems.

Improve GOP Cloud with eLync
eLync can provide real-time integration to calculate the realistic commit dates from Oracle Cloud and interface back to sales orders.

“We chose AVATA and the Oracle planning solution because AVATA showed us how some of our long-time planning issues would be solved. AVATA’s eLync Integration expertise and attention to our business requirements is what made this project successful,”
Charles Chamberlain, Director IT, Cleveland Golf