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The Life Science Industry

Supply Chain Management in life sciences includes a variety of players, including Pharma and Biotech companies, Contract Research Organizations (CRO’s) that support them, and Medical Device manufacturers.  Each has very different needs, but the shift in care to a more market based model is placing significant margin pressure on the entire industry – requiring that industry participants become much better at Supply Chain Planning.

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In Pharma, supply chains designed to meet regulatory requirements and avoid stock outs have resulted in rigid, inflexible organizations with a high cost of write offs.  Steps to modernize – including outsourcing non-core manufacturing and relying on extended network of third-party suppliers – only place more strain on operations.  And all players in this industry face SKU proliferation, global distributed supply chains, and margin pressures that require greater competence in supply chain planning.  The cost of poor planning is simply too large.

AVATA has the industry and supply chain domain expertise to help life sciences companies define priorities for improvement and address these priorities holistically – from a process and Oracle technology perspective.

Consider these questions:

  • Can we model a scenario view of demand and supply to allow us to make the best decisions when API is disrupted?
  • How can we improve production planning and inventory strategies when non-core manufacturing has been moved to Asia, coupled with challenging shelf-life restrictions?  (see IBP Express)
  • How do we accurately forecast dosage requirements across numerous clinical trials that span the globe?
  • How do we quickly respond to demand variability – while there still is time to make a profitable decision?
  • How do we address the stringent regulatory requirements


Effective planning is the solution to each of these questions. AVATA works with life sciences companies leveraging Oracle Supply Chain Planning (SCP) Cloud technologies and industry best practices through the following services:

  • Demand Planning Cloud
  • Supply Planning Cloud & Inventory Management
  • Global Order Promising Cloud
  • Sales & Operations / Integrated Business Planning
  • Supply Chain Assessments & Industry Benchmarking


AVATA’s holistic, “people, process, and technology” approach results in iterative steps forward that build over time – and empower our clients with stronger information, more confident teams, and technology that enables quick decision making in the face of change.


AVATA Express for Life Science

AVATA Express offers accelerated solutions specifically for companies in the life science industry that include:

  • Prebuilt Demantra Demand Forecasting / Demand Planning solution based on industry best practice process flows, and metrics
  • Prebuilt S&OP / IBP Express solution based on industry best practice process flows and metrics
  • Inventory Manager Express – improves replenishment and inventory positioning resulting in better service levels at lower costs
  • Prebuilt implementation methodology
  • Prebuilt training content


With our AVATA Express solution for life science, our clients can get up and running on a solution quickly reducing the cost of investment and time to realize value.


One of the key drivers for ResMed’s move to Demand Cloud was the need to upgrade our Demantra application to stay up-to-date with related supporting platforms. Oracle DM Cloud was a logical choice as it provides the best opportunity to tap into developing technologies in this space. Clearly DM Cloud is not simply the latest upgrade of Demantra, but rather an entirely new application. This presented some challenges to ResMed, as it required us to rethink the way we do our forecasting to some extent, largely due to the fact that the kind of adaptions and customizations we’d done in Demantra weren’t possible in DM Cloud. On the upside, this gave us an opportunity to rethink things from scratch, changing to some extent, and improving our approach to forecasting, supported by some new functionality that came with DM Cloud. In addition, the ongoing upgrade path, and integration with other Cloud modules, we see as providing a more streamlined Supply Planning process in the future.


The partnership with AVATA was also key in the success of this implementation. Their knowledge of the Cloud products and access to Oracle support, not only provided key insights into developing the framework for the implementation, but assisted in providing a valuable point-of-contact for escalating, to Oracle, queries and concerns, and assisting in finding resolutions to problems.

Phillip Brown, Global Planning Manager, ResMed

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