Oracle’s® Demantra is a best-in-class provider of demand management, sales & operations planning, and trade promotions management solutions.

The Oracle® Demantra solution helps you maximize profitability and enables you to better sense, shape and respond to demand with a single, precise forecast. A consensus plan built from this superior forecast aligns your organization across departments and users enabling you to be more demand-driven. Built-in analytics and adaptable business process automation capabilities enable a wide range of day-to-day decision making with real-time demand intelligence that ensures your plans are based on the most accurate, forward forecasts without the need of statistical knowledge. The result is a demand-driven organization with higher service levels and sales, more satisfied customers, and lower inventory and distribution costs.

We can help you with the implementation of practical and simple processes using Demantra demand management.


  • Demantra Demand Management
    • Lets you sense, plan for, and proactively respond to demand by sharing a one-number plan that aligns your organization across departments and users.
    • Allows you to model new products based on the lifecycle of existing products, or you can model new products or versions that supersede existing products.
  • Demantra Real-time Sales & Operations Planning
    • Gives planners and managers the information and planning tools they need to take command of day-to-day planning processes.
    • Provides the foundation for a responsive sales and operation planning process that enables the current and emerging best practices in adaptive demand-driven planning.
  • Demantra Predictive Trade Planning
    • Gives you unparalleled accuracy and sophistication in volume forecasting, pre-event simulation, and post-event evaluation, all at account managers’ fingertips.
    • Provides a comprehensive sales and account planning environment that allows account managers to manage all routine sales forecasting and account planning activities from a single screen.
  • Demantra Deductions and Settlement Management
    • Closes the trade promotion management loop by tracking and resolving deductions and other settlement methods common in the consumer goods industry. It provides an up-to-date, web-based repository of all the data, notes, communications, and scanned documents needed to resolve deductions.
  • Demantra Service Parts Planning
    • Allows companies to simultaneously forecast, replenish, and redistribute service parts,
      while accounting for intermittent, seasonal, and fast moving service supply chain demand patterns.