The Logistics Network Optimization (LNO) environment allows for distribution network modeling decisions to be made from a holistic supply chain perspective. As solutions are explored and results simulated, decisions can be vetted to understand their total effect on the supply chain. As a result, the complexities of multiple constraints, variables, and objectives in multiple scenarios facing demand, logistics and even production functions can be simulated to link to outcomes that are optimized and create higher value.

LNO Benefits

Reduced Logistics Costs

  • Reduced transport costs
  • Improved distribution network and asset utilization
  • Lowest total landed costs
  • Increased inventory turns
  • Created impact analysis for distribution network

Improved Customer Delivery Compliance

  • Improved lead time reliability / reduced lead times
  • Improved carrier capacity collaboration
  • Improved cost of service
  • Create supply chain segmentation based on customer value

Reduced cross functional waste

  • Drive corrective action / continuous improvement
  • Increased visibility to out of plan/network activity to promote root cause and corrective action

Created a Resilient Supply

  • Chain Survive, Adapt, and Grow during turbulent change