Oracle SNO

Oracle® Strategic Network Optimization (SNO) enables you to design your entire supply network with agility in mind. Today’s rapidly changing global economics require you to be more responsive. The need to evaluate your supply network design more often is essential to enable your company to compete successfully. Not only do you need to design a more agile supply network, you also need to consider your hedge strategies in your design and be able to simulate the outcome of unpredictable events on your supply network flow.

Key Features

  • Reducing supply chain costs and improve profits – Oracle® Strategic Network Optimization considers all of the complex costs and constraints that drive your network design and enables you to decide on the most optimal network configuration to run your business. You can model all nodes of your supply chain network and include all costs such as transportation, operating, sourcing, storage, and labor. In addition, you can rationalize your capital assets, optimize your product and customer mix, and identify the best sourcing strategy.
  • Managing supply chain risk effectively – When designing your supply network with agility in mind, you can more effectively manage and mitigate supply chain risk. Risk factors can be both strategic and tactical in nature. By proactively identifying the vulnerabilities in your supply chain that consider these risk factors, you can stay competitive in today’s global changing markets. Oracle® Strategic Network Optimization enables you to model and evaluate the impact of potential unplanned events, understand their impact, determine the most cost effective mitigation strategies, and formulate contingency plans.
  • Simulating changing business conditions – Strategic Network Optimization provides value with its flexible and easy to model what-if simulation capabilities that enable powerful decision support for making tough strategic business decisions. It enables you to answer tough trade-off questions such as inventory pre-build versus overtime, or single source vs. multi-source. You can also perform quick and comprehensive what-if analysis against multiple demand scenarios, evaluate currency fluctuations, and evaluate impacts of mergers and acquisitions to your distribution and supply network.
  • Implement quickly by leveraging out-of-the-box integration – Strategic Network Optimization is fully integrated with the Oracle E-Business Suite, enabling you to start quickly by leveraging existing setup. The tool’s recommendations can be immediately used in your Sales and Operations Planning, inventory hedging, and tactical planning processes.

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