Next Generation Warehouse Management from Oracle

Over the past several years, Oracle has brought to bear the full force of its software research and development power to renew and deepen its Warehouse Management Solution (WMS). Now a leader in this arena, Oracle’s investment has delivered hundreds of advanced features and offers unprecedented flexibility in deployment regardless of your existing application footprint.

Flexible Deployment Options

Oracle WMS’s new distributed deployment capability is a true game-changer in the field of enterprise warehouse management. It challenges the traditional idea of integration by providing a seamless, yet decoupled warehouse management solution. Oracle WMS can be deployed to power global operations independent of other enterprise systems—or tightly integrated with EBusiness Suite. It’s your choice. So regardless of your version of E-Business Suite or host system, you can expect exceptional implementation flexibility, greater availability of mission-critical warehouse systems, and all the latest features we offer.

It’s just part of the next generation WMS from Oracle.

Hundreds of Advanced Features

If you knew Oracle WMS in the past, then it’s time for a new look at the many rich features, including:

  • Advanced Wave Planning—Minimizing material movements, optimizing labor resources, and tightly integrating warehouse activities with transportation planning;
  • Demand-Driven Replenishment of High-Volume Items—Minimizing labor movement, improving labor productivity, and reducing pick-time in outbound flows;
  • Cross-Docking—Synchronizing warehouse material handling with transportation activities, eliminating unnecessary inbound material handling steps, and increasing material velocity.
  • Oracle WMS’s pre-integration with core enterprise processes, use of standards-based technologies, and extensive network of implementation partners are all part of our commitment to bring you the lowest total cost of ownership.