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The retail industry is comprised of any company that is selling products or services to the end user, typically through brick-and-mortar retail stores, online e-commerce, or more outdated means such as catalogs and phone sales. Popular examples of retailers include Target, Home Depot, Amazon, Staples, and basically every store you see at a shopping mall. Restaurants are also a form of retail since end users buy and consume the food to be eaten.

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In the face of fierce competition, retailers must align planning decisions with demand—especially amidst the advent of online mega retailers that combine competitive pricing with an extremely efficient supply chain. Retailers need to know how they can offer competitive pricing and flexibility in fulfillment while still maintaining solid margins.  All this is coupled with the traditional short product life cycles / seasonality,  expected high quality at the lost possible price points.

As omni-channels emerge and boundaries are blurring, consumers are demanding online ordering options, endless inventory, multiple modes of ordering/delivery/pick-up and free returns across all channels. In addition, more product categories are migrating online, including tools, appliances, and furniture.

With social media integration, retailers have never had more information about their customers but most struggle to figure out what it all means and are feel increased pressure to turn to analytics.  In addition, today’s shoppers are using their smartphones to check competitors’ prices. Determining how to best take advantage of this technology is a tricky puzzle they must solve.

For many retailers, there are opportunities to make significant improvements in their supply chain planning and execution. The payback can be rapid, with results measured in meaningful financial improvements in revenues, expenses and return on assets.

AVATA is a leader in the implementation of the Oracle SCP solutions that support the retail Industry. We help our clients in this industry overcome challenges and respond to trends with improved economic performance through the following services:

  • Sell-in and Sell thru Demand Planning
  • Inventory Planning and Optimization
  • Replenishment / Distribution Requirements Planning
  • Sales & Operations / Integrated Business Planning
  • What-If / Strategic Scenario Planning & Optimization
  • Supply Chain Planning
  • Global Supply Chain Optimizations
  • Supply Chain Benchmarking

AVATA Express for Consumer Goods

AVATA Express offers an accelerated solution set specifically for consumer goods Demand Forecasting/Demand Planning and S&OP/IBP which includes:


  • Prebuilt Demantra Demand Forecasting / Demand Planning solution based on industry best practice process flows, and metrics
  • Prebuilt S&OP / IBP solution based on industry best practice process flows and metrics
  • Prebuilt implementation methodology
  • Prebuilt training content


With our AVATA Express, we can get you up and running on a solution quickly reducing the cost of investment and time to realize value.

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