Oracle Supply Chain Planning Cloud Makes Sense

Do You Generate Your Own Electricity?

The real value of Oracle Supply Chain Planning is indisputable as many companies around the globe continue to prove in many different industries and situations every day. These successful enterprises could be leveraging their success even more by moving up to the Oracle Supply Chain Cloud.

Cloud deployment under the Software as a Service (SaaS) model delivers the same functionality as traditional on-premise Oracle Supply Chain Planning but with a significant bonus – nearly all of the routine maintenance and support for the applications, hardware, system software, and supporting tasks like data security and access control are included in the service.

This approach has proven to be so effective that a company really has to ask why they would want to host their planning applications in-house rather than why they want to move to the cloud. SaaS applications have become nearly on a par with public utilities. Can you justify the cost and difficulty of generating your own electricity when reliable electric service is available at reasonable cost at the flip of a switch?

Let’s be honest. Maintaining hardware and system software, managing updates, doing daily backups and moving them to off-site storage, managing security and access control and similar required tasks are not your IT department’s favorite things to do – and they are not a good use of their valuable time. Wouldn’t they provide much more benefit to the enterprise by helping users better use their applications, exploring new technologies, and working on improvements that increase customer service?

New technologies, advanced analytics, the Internet of Things, machine learning… technology is presenting manufacturers with myriad opportunities – and challenges – that require the full attention of IT departments in order to keep their company from falling behind the competition and customer expectations. Anything that distracts from that pursuit, like completing a list of routine ‘care and feeding’ of enterprise system tasks every day, only wastes that precious resource. Oracle Supply Chain Planning Cloud is the smart choice that provides full planning and control functionality with none of the maintenance and management burden of traditional on-premise systems.

Current Oracle Supply Chain application users can easily transition to the cloud version with little or no disruption in the user community. Any company considering the Oracle solution should think of the cloud SaaS approach as the obvious choice. It just makes sense. You don’t generate your own electricity; why would you host your enterprise applications in-house?