25 Mar

Protect your Best-in-Class TPM Investment

Trade promotion spend is one of the most expensive costs for consumer goods companies and managing this significant line item can be highly complex. Customers want the capabilities that are critical to current industry practices such as Promotion Optimization and to ensure that their solution will support the rapidly changing landscape of Consumer Goods for years to come.


We recognize the significant investments companies make in TPM solutions to address the high cost to business this process entails.  In the same way an automobile requires regular servicing to deliver the expected performance, it is important to take the same approach to Demantra and ensure the product is updated as well.   Periodic health checks on system and engine performance can bring to light areas of inefficiencies that an upgrade can not only resolve but dramatically improve.

Also, as organizations begin to embrace technology upgrades to their ERP and Supply Chain systems, including migration to Cloud options, they are realizing that their Oracle Demantra Trade Promotion Management (TPM) system also needs to be evaluated, improved and upgraded. There is also a growing concern that the Demantra TPM solution may not integrate to the Cloud solutions that are now available. With AVATA’s eLync solution, integration with the cloud can be managed and controlled effectively.

Whether remaining with an existing system infrastructure or making the move to Cloud-based technology, the current Demantra TPM release offers dramatic improvements in functionality and technology for your business to be successful in today’s fast-moving CPG landscape.


Don’t Fall Behind in Technology! Get Current. Stay Current.

Get the most out of your current best-in-class Sales Forecasting and Trade Promotion Management investment with the most recent technology upgrade.

The AVATA Advantage

As the leading implementer of Oracle Demantra PTP and DSM, AVATA leverages the power of Oracle technology and has a deep understanding of demand and the impact on promotions. Our approach is to help expand TPM with the right processes and analytics that improve the effectiveness of trade spending. 



AVATA’s TPM Express was specifically designed to reduce the effort and complexity required to implement a best-practice TPM solution without sacrificing core end-to-end functional and process design.

AVATA’s TPM Express is a pre-configured model based on the most current version of Oracle’s Demantra Trade Promotion Management offering.  Read more here


With AVATA’s eLync, integration to the Cloud has never been easier! We will work with your business to develop the roadmap that will enable the benefits of upgrading as well as bringing new insights to allow full leverage of organizational investments. Read more here


Whether it’s a hybrid approach that integrates best-of-breed Cloud Edge products into your on-premise ERP system or a complete end-to-end Cloud implementation, our Cloud Roadmap offers comprehensive strategies to accelerate your business to the Cloud. Learn More


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