Solution Accelerators

Solution Accelerators

Pre-Built yet Adaptable Solutions that Reduce Risk, Time & Cost

AVATA Express

Implemented on-premise or in the Cloud

Oracle Solution AcceleratorsFor over 20 years, AVATA has been focused on driving innovation with Oracle’s Supply Chain Planning tools across all industries. We’ve taken the combined experiences and best practices of literally hundreds of implementations and created Oracle solution accelerators that we call AVATA Express.

AVATA Express is our accelerated solution program that is industry and/or solution specific and utilizes robotic process automation to increase efficiencies, improve accuracy and lower overall costs. An Express solution includes process templates, training material with pre-built UPK content, and pre-configured applications.  AVATA Express solutions can be implemented either on-premise or in the Cloud and compliment Oracle applications.

Reduced Implementation Time and Cost

Reduced Risk

Accelerate ROI

Pre-built yet flexible to support maturing processes

Supports Key Verticals

Integrates with Oracle Applications

Demantra to DM Cloud Express

AVATA’s Demantra to DM Cloud Express is a pre-configured tool that offers a quick, easy and cost-effective way to migrate existing data from VCP Demantra to Oracle Demand Management Cloud using standard, proven methodology. This pre-configured Oracle solution accelerator makes integration possible in days as compared to several weeks using traditional technologies. With extensive experience in DM Cloud and Demand Planning, AVATA also offers structured end-user training to reduce the change management impact due to the migration to new tool.

S&OP Cloud Express

Organizations today continue to struggle with balancing demand and supply over a longer horizon and understanding all the impacts and trade-offs between the shorter-term tactical planning and long term strategic planning necessary to meet financial expectations, capital budgeting, market fluctuations and company portfolio changes.

AVATA’s S&OP Cloud Express was specifically designed to vastly reduce the time required to implement a best-practice S&OP/IBP solution without sacrificing quality while achieving financial and operational improvements quickly. It is the only automated planning system that can integrate with legacy planning data systems through AVATA’s eLync Integration.

The AVATA approach has been proven time over time, by providing a process and configuration that is the “Best-Fit” for for our clients. We start with an assessment of the critical requirements that support a fully integrated solution utilizing Oracle’s S&OP Cloud application and help our clients establish the right configuration, processes and outcomes of the S&OP Cloud offering which allows for speed to value and early adoption of the integrated solution.

Simply Put:

S&OP Cloud Express aligns and synchronizes your short-term performance with your long-term strategic financial expectations. Oracle S&OP Cloud is the vehicle that allows an organization to project performance on a monthly basis against the long-term strategic plan.

TPM Express

TPM (Trade Promotion Management) Express is AVATA’s pre-configured solution based on Oracle’s Demantra Trade Promotion and Deductions and Settlement Management Modules. The solution, which can be integrated with SCM Cloud, has evolved from leading best practice industry process flows, collated from AVATA’s implementation experience across a range of industry & geographic verticals requiring Trade Spend solutions.

Based on industry best practices, TPM Express is specifically designed to reduce the effort and complexity required to implement a TPM solution without sacrificing core end-to-end functional and process design. Through all processes, TPM Express leverages Oracle’s PTP & DSM software to provide a consistent portal for all users to work through, driving quicker adoption of the solution and quicker return on investment.

TPM express core graphic square

AVATA Express solutions include predefined data sets and feature sets pre-configured to peer industry best practices. While templates for rapid software deployment exist across service providers, AVATA Express solutions have one key differentiator:  they are pre-configured, but designed with flexibility to support planning nuances critical to your unique competitive processes.  “Pre-built yet adaptable” is a critical feature as your organization matures and the requirements of the solution mature with you over time.