Performance Solutions

Performance Solutions

Improving User Experience through AVATA Developed PAAS tools

AVATA Performance Solutions

AVATA Performance SolutionsExtend and Improve your Oracle Investment with AVATA Performance Solutions

AVATA offers a wide range of ready-to-use PaaS solutions that solve critical gaps in technology which extend the value of your Oracle investments across all verticals. Customers continuously come to AVATA for our expertise in providing Performance Solutions that reduce risk, cost and accelerate processes to achieve a competitive advantage.


Credit Card Integration Hub

AVATA’s Credit Card Integration Hub (CCIH) functions as a mediator, or a plug-and-play integration point between Oracle and payment gateway service market leaders. Oracle Cloud customers can now, rapidly and securely, integrate Oracle Order Management Cloud, Receivables and Inventory with an external, PCI-compliant credit card tokenization and processing service.

AVATA Inventory Manager

Inventory Manager for DemantraTechnology for inventory optimization often requires complex optimization solutions driven by specialized software, specialized skills to implement, and are often high risk endeavors. The AVATA Inventory Manager (AIM) is a prebuilt solution based on Oracle Demand Planning technology that provides insights into inventory imbalances in a simple solution that is easy to understand, and is comparatively a low-cost, low-risk solution for improving inventory health across your supply chain network.

Scheduling Board Cloud

Scheduling is the final step in a closed-loop planning process that ensures that our actions are consistent with financial and operational objectives. Production scheduling software can sometimes be overly complex and result in users backsliding into spreadsheet or other manual tools. AVATA’s Scheduling Board Cloud provides a straightforward and simple way to manage the schedule, respond to change, and keep plant floor activities in line with the plan.

Producing the right product at the right time, that’s what we want. Keeping stocks low, customers happy, and our plants running as efficiently as possible. The Scheduling Board Cloud engine will sequence production orders on a timeline and an interactive Gantt Chart. Schedulers can define upfront the ideal order sequence for the engine to incorporate product wheels (make white paint before blue) or sequencing desired setups.

Solution Benefits:

  • Automatic sequencing
  • Creation of pre-defined production campaigns
  • Ad-hoc schedule changes bydrag and drop on interactive Gantt chart
  • Demand and Supply Pegging to link demand with production
  • Maintenance of shop floor calendar
  • Graphical KPI Reporting which can be configured on the fly
  • Flexible scenario management allows the users to define, name,compare multiple scenario’s
    and to pick the final scenario to publish
  • Graphical KPI configuration allows quick scenario analysis and highlight possible pain points in the schedule
  • Oracle Cloud Connector lets you send back planned ordersas scheduled work orders into Oracle’s Supply Chain Cloud
  • Deployed as PaaS or On-premise

Enterprise Supply Chain Simulator

The Enterprise Supply Chain Simulator is an AVATA Performance solution built and designed to do simulations on supply chain planning from customer/DC to manufacturing & sourcing. This simulator optimizes the output based on business parameters and constraints with user-friendly analytics and graphical displays.

Logistics Network Optimization

A Vital Link in the Supply Chain

Transportation management is different from other processes in the supply chain as many of those processes happen only once, but transportation must be addressed again and again throughout the life cycle of product development and delivery. With a shortage of capacity, tighter regulations, reduced staffing, and shrinking IT budgets, framed against a backdrop of increased customer demand, it is more important than ever to have a strategic and dynamic supply chain that can quickly adapt and optimize activities in a feasible and executable way.

The AVATA Logistics Network Optimization (LNO) environment allows for distribution network modeling decisions to be made from a holistic perspective by giving companies complete end-to-end supply chain visibility.  Leveraging Oracle’s SCM and logistics suite of products, LNO solves complex transportation network problems, improves agility and responsiveness and enables continuous refinement. A strategic supply chain with the visibility, capability and fluidity to execute more competitively results in a host of efficiencies.  The ability to manage and simulate the entire supply chain enables you to move from a static collection of discrete points and events to a dynamic, connected “DATA CHAIN” that flows and adapts with ever changing supply chain events and business conditions.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduced logistics costs
  • Improved distribution network and asset utilization
  • Increased inventory turns
  • Improved customer delivery compliance
  • Increased carrier capacity and collaboration
  • Improved cost to service
  • Reduced cross functional waste
  • Increased visibility to out of plan/network activity to promote root cause awareness and corrective action
  • Supply chain resiliency – ability to survive, adapt, and grow during turbulent change