On-Demand Webinars

Webinar: Oracle ERP Additions that work Better Together

Is your ERP implementation scope adequate? Learn the business value of combining ERP + SCP + EPM for a more holistic scope and “Better Together” results

Webinar: Oracle Supply Chain Management + Financials = Better Together

Learn true benefits of how Oracle’s IBPX provides a best in class integration of data integrity, visibility, and predictability for an un-siloed approach for long-term financial expectations. 

Webinar: Planning for a Healthy & Resilient Supply Chain with SCM Cloud

Hear two customer Cloud transformation case studies as well as strategies addressing the growing concerns surrounding supply chain disruptions

Webinar: Solving the PAR Replenishment Puzzle for Healthcare

Preview the benefits of adding Replenishment Planning to existing Procurement/ERP functionality, utilizing exiting data and infrastructure.

Webinar: Cloud Roadmap Analysis – First Step to Improving Supply Chain Performance

Considering cloud migration? Understanding the potential paths and critical components that impact success is the first step toward improving supply chain performance.

Webinar: Best Use Cases for Oracle’s Supply Chain Planning Cloud Suite

Take a Deep Dive into Oracle’s Supply Chain Planning Cloud Suite. Learn current and future functionality and best use cases.

AVATA Academy Workshop: Creating New Forecast Profiles in Demand Management Cloud

Download this workshop to learn the specific criteria and steps for creating functional forecast profiles that are unique to your business for improved forecast accuracy.

Webinar: Srixon/Cleveland Golf on Supply Planning and GOP in the Cloud

Learn how one of the world’s leading golf manufacturers forged a new path utilizing Oracle Supply Planning Cloud and Global Order Promising, along with AVATA’s eLync Cloud Integration Platform to greatly improve customer experience.

Webinar: S&OP Cloud – Automating the Process for Executives

This webinar, jointly produced by AVATA and Oracle, will lead you through a live demo of the newest S&OP Cloud offering and give valuable insight into AVATA’s approach to successful implementation with “Right Fit” results.

Webinar: Utilizing Sequence Dependent Setups for Capacity Planning in Oracle ASCP

Learn how to optimize sequence dependent setups to reduce time, reduce inventory and improve promise dates.