Webinar: Achieve a Critically Integrated Supply Chain with Oracle Cloud

Advanced Technology Enables Transformation for Life Sciences Industry

The highly regulated nature of the Life Sciences industry creates a unique set of growth challenges for companies in this space. They are constantly introducing new products, adapting to strict and ever-changing requirements, and managing layers of suppliers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers. On top of that, they must develop a strong financial and operational foundation for their business that will allow them to be successful.

Through the use of Oracle’s newest and most advanced Cloud features, supply chain leaders in Life Sciences are experiencing substantial improvements in forecast accuracy, inventory management, and flexible planning capabilities, that accelerate and improve operations bottom line.

Companies can increase efficiencies by leveraging automation tools, employing quality tracking functionality that is both flexible and effective, utilize Oracle’s sophisticated forecasting tools and create a “digital thread” across the product life cycle for better process visibility.

Watch this webinar to hear insights and strategies to Achieve a Complete and Integrated Supply Chain for Life Sciences and Medical Device.

Casey Quillen – VP of Sales, AVATA
Ed Hajek – Cloud Solutions Architect, AVATA
Sachin Misra, Oracle Solutions Lead, Kalypso
Sanjay Agrawal, VP of Operations, AVATA

“One of the key drivers for ResMed’s move to Demand Cloud was the need to upgrade our Demantra application to stay up-to-date with related supporting platforms. Oracle DM Cloud was a logical choice as it provides the best opportunity to tap into developing technologies in this space.”
~ Phillip Brown, Global IT Manager – ResMed