Webinar: Oracle ERP Additions that work Better Together

Is your Oracle ERP implementation scope adequate?

For companies with extensive and complex supply chain operations, it’s crucial to ask this question even before starting your Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Cloud journey.  In our experience, we have consistently seen that there components of Supply Chain Planning (SCP) and Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) that when added to your ERP implementation scope, will help to increase automation, reduce the need for manual intervention and meet strategic business objectives.

Expand your Oracle ERP Implementation Scope for Better Together resultsIn this 30 minute on-demand webcast, we’ll discuss key considerations for expanding the scope of your ERP implementation for maximum efficiency and functionality.  We will look at prioritizing business requirements to help not only identify which components would achieve the targeted results but also define a successful cloud roadmap for automating business processes.

Learn the business value of combining ERP + SCP + EPM for a more holistic scope and “Better Together” result.

Presented by AVATA’s Practice Lead for Cloud ERP, Tomasz Zarzycki