Webinar: Your Journey from VCP to Oracle SCM Cloud

If migration of your Oracle Value Chain tool is on the horizon, the latest Oracle SCM Cloud release has distinct advantages compared to previous generation on-premise tools. Understand what your upgrade path looks like and how the cloud solution may offer the best option as a truly SaaS architected platform with its latest capabilities as well as upcoming functionality.

We are excited to have Ryan Sumrak, Oracle Sales Consulting Manager, presenting with us. Ryan will highlight where we are at today in SCM Cloud, how SCM Modules map to VCP on-premise modules, as well as the strategic Cloud message and a brief demo. Ryan has extensive experience in supply chain management and currently focuses on managing a team of sales engineers with a focus on Oracle’s Cloud Supply Chain Management, Internet of Things (IoT) and Manufacturing applications for North American.


Learn how the latest release of Oracle Cloud Supply Chain Management (SCM) maps to VCP applications and the similarities and contrasts between these Oracle tool sets.
Specific feature advantages of the latest SCM Cloud release over earlier versions
How AVATA’s unique upgrade methodology can help streamline your journey to SCM Cloud


Duane Hardacre, Managing Partner, AVATA
Ryan Sumrak, Sales Consulting Manager, Oracle
Ed Hajek, Cloud Solution Architect, AVATA