Webinar: How to Leverage Demantra for Safety Stock Calculations

Keeping inventory on warehouse shelves costs companies money. Businesses must allocate overhead, manpower and finances to any stock that takes up real estate on their property.  However, it is a good idea to keep a reserve of safety stock to help control uncertainties in demand, mitigate risk of stock-outs, optimize inventory in your supply chain, and maintain higher customer satisfaction levels.

But how do you determine how much to reserve?  This webinar can help answer that question and many more regarding how to calculate safety stock using Demantra.

Optimal ways to configure safety stock functionality
Recommendations for optimizing safety stock
Case study examples of safety stock functionality, deployment, challenges & results
Q & A

Ken Spigarelli – Managing Partner, AVATA
Sanjay Agrawal – Vice President of Operations, AVATA
Anh Nguyen – Consulting Manager & Solution Architect, AVATA