Webinar: Srixon/Cleveland Golf on Supply Planning and GOP in the Cloud

Cleveland Golf’s order entry lacked the ability to prove clean and accurate customer promise dates based on planning logic and inventory availability. The complexities of custom club planning and an increasing demand required a Global Order Promising type functionality and needed to act on a list of necessary Supply Chain improvements.

Learn how one of the world’s leading golf manufacturers forged a new path utilizing Oracle Supply Planning Cloud and Global Order Promising, along with AVATA’s eLync Cloud Integration Platform that provided the scalability and robust features for future growth.

Presented by:
Kevin Martin – VP Sales, AVATA
Sanjay Agrawal – VP Operations, AVATA
Matt Johnson – Sr Director, Supply Chain Collaboration Product Strategy, Oracle
Charles Chamberlain – Director of IT, Cleveland Golf/Srixon
Cody Gaudreau – Operations, Cleveland Golf/Srixon