who we areWe are a globally recognized consulting firm of business and supply chain experts that help companies solve critical business issues through people, process and technology.   AVATA is an Oracle Gold Strategic Partner that offers a unique blend of real-world industry experience, best practices, and software expertise.  Leveraging Oracle’s JD Edwards, Supply Chain, and Cloud solutions, we successfully deliver rapid improvements impacting bottom-line performance.  Combining this with our AVATA Business Cloud, we’re powering the next generation of enterprise solutions delivered rapidly in a SaaS model.

what we do-01AVATA maximizes business value by delivering world class enterprise and supply chain solutions and providing unparalleled professional services. Our industry experts have real business and process experience in all aspects of enterprise and supply chain business processes.  We understand how systems can be properly leveraged to drive transformational, yet sustainable change with measurable results. We are your single-source partner that seeks 100% customer satisfaction and referenceability.

OUR PEOPLE – at AVATA, our consultants are unsurpassed in their depth of experience as business and supply chain practitioners. We differentiate ourselves by combining this knowledge in a practical application of Oracle ERP and Supply Chain Solutions that result in tools that are sustained over time to deliver measurable benefits to our clients.

OUR CUSTOMER FOCUS – For years, the “People, Process, Technology” mantra has driven go-to-market material for technology firms. At AVATA, we understand that software alone is never the answer. Our passion lies in providing clients with sustainable, long term solutions that result from optimizing all three levers. We are committed to the growth and success of our clients by combining leading edge software expertise with practical supply chain management and business knowledge.

OUR STRATEGY – There are pure strategy players, there are pure system integrators. And there is AVATA that brings both together… “where strategy meets execution”. As an Oracle-recommended consultancy, we focus on the processes, data, and technology that drives the delivery of successful supply chain and business strategy for our clients. We’re as much “supply chain, manufacturing & operations” people as we are Cloud/Oracle technologists, and our clients depend on us to bring that expertise in every application we deliver.

AVATA has the domain expertise to transform businesses and supply chains and the unparalleled expertise to properly implement Oracle ERP and Supply Chain solutions. As a result, AVATA delivers solutions that are a competitive advantage to our clients in their respective marketplaces.

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It is estimated that more than 80% of an IT budget is consumed before the year even begins – in maintenance and support of applications you’ve already licensed.  That leaves very little room for investments in your future. This is a driving factor behind the industry’s move to the Cloud. As Oracle’s #1 SCM cloud provider, AVATA offers all Oracle Supply Chain Solutions in the AVATA Business Cloud.